Monday, 16 October 2017

Going to the Movies!

Going to the movies!
In the holidays, one of the fun activities we did was go to the movies. We started at 6:50 and finished at 8:50. My two cousins was there, my mum, two sisters and myself. We brought some popcorn, drinks, mini donuts, candy floss and snacks to eat while we were watching the movie.

The movie we were watching was at Sylvia Park. Sylvia Park is a shopping Centre you can buy food, clothes and many many other things. The movie we watched was “Happy Death day”. Happy Death Day is a Mystery, Horror and a Thriller movie. It was my first time watching “Happy Death Day” so I was a bit scared.

The movie was about a girl named Tree that was having a hard time finding her way to the next day after her birthday. She dies over and over until she finds out who her killer is. Her roommate Lorrie was her killer because she was mad at Tree for sleeping with her boyfriend (It was really dramatic at the same time).

When the scary part comes on, I cover my face with the popcorn so I don’t see any scary parts. When the movie finished, we all headed back home. It was a really scary, interesting and predictable movie, I loved it!

Doc Written by: Anastcia Folau

Saturday, 30 September 2017

If I were in Africa/ Facts!

Since Africa is sort of a poor country. I just wanted to make a google slide on how their life are compared to ours. Make sure you enjoy and comment down below what you think.


Credits - Richie Changeroukel

#SaveAfricanpeople :)

Friday, 22 September 2017

Eating a balanced Diet!

Duffy Role Model Assembly!

Duffy Role Model Assembly!

On Monday the 18th of September, we had a special guest coming into our school hall. Her name was Niva Retimanu. She is a Samoan journalist and news reporter. She came to our Duffy Role model assembly to explain about her career.

Aaliyahna, Luisa and Loto introduced her to Glenbrae School.
She was talking about how she loves books and telling Glenbrae school to read as much books as we can. After a few minutes, she came out with a book which was called ‘KISS KISS YUCK! YUCK!’. She asked if anyone had read the book she was holding in her hand and only a little amount of people put there hands up.

Later on, she helped give out the duffy books to people in different classes starting from Room 1, Room 4 and Room 5. After the junior classes, we moved onto the senior classes. It started out with Room 7, Room 8, Room 9 and finally Room 10.

We clapped all around and congratulations to all the people that got books. After giving out the books, we sang the duffy song with Niva. Luisa then said a proper thank you to Niva Retimanu for taking her time off and coming to our school.

I really enjoyed having Niva Retimanu here to talk to us about her career and how much she loves books. We are a very lucky to have her here in our school and hopes she comes again in the future. :)

Caring for our teeth!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Goodbye Sarah (BESTIE)❣️

On Friday the 15th of September,  a special person in our class had left. Her name is Sarah. We all said our goodbyes and hugged her. Some people got really sad and had tears coming down their face like I did. We hope you visit Sarah and don't forget your classmates. :)
Love you!! ❣️❣️❣️