Friday, 8 December 2017

Saying Thank you to Mr. Numia and Miss. Tuia

Saying thank you to kiwi Can Leaders!

This afternoon we had Kiwi can, the last Kiwi can of this term. We have loads of fun after kiwi can because we played a cool game, it was fun! When Kiwi can was over, we had to go back to class and say thank you to the Kiwi can leaders Mr. Numia and Miss. Tuia for everything they have done for us.. We said it individuality and also in House lines starting from the back. I went first and then moved on to other people's thank you’s. Some students got emotional so they never had the chance to say their full thank you to Mr. Numia and Miss Tuia. After Room 10 had said Thank you, Mr. Numia said thank you from the bottom of his heart to Room 10, it was a real pleasure to have them here at Glenbrae School, catch you guy’s next year :)

Anastacia F.
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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Thank you Rm 10 class of 2017!!!

😣Thank you Rm 10 class of 2017!!!😣
From the beginning of this year, I had a class that has been with me since from Room 1!, there still here helping each and one another and sticking up for each other. They’ve been the best class for 2017, we also learnt a lot from our teacher Mr. Nath and also not forgetting the teacher aid, Miss. card!😊
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-I learnt a lot from year 2017, because everybody encouraged and supported each and every one another...I learnt how to act at certain times, Talk respectfully to others, Making new friends over the past few months and treat others the way they wanted to be treated! I know I did some mistakes in the past few months, but I learn from them every time👅❣️
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I also loved working with the class because it made me feel more comfortable and confident!! Last year, I was so shy but I learnt to be the most confident person ever! I would never forget the people in my class and my friends that has stuck with me moving on...🎉🎉

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  • Also sportsmanship has helped me throughout the year. I had a loads of fun with sports this year especially because I participated in Netball and Athletics! That was a really good achievement for me! I also won’t forget our coaches that teaches us all🤗.
  • These are friends that has been there for me since beginning of the year!👇
Crazy Muck arounds!!!
  • Girls!! - Kalo❣️Ngakiri❣️Maya🎊Lesieli🎊Bianca😱
Boys!! - Lewis🖖Mahoney🖖Kue’a🎋Viliami🎋Dyson😊

  • Bssfrrrrrrsss🥀
  • Ngakiri🌷Bianca🌷Kalo🌷
                                                               Love you’s!!🌺
Ya’ll teached me everything every single day!!

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  • And I will never forget our teacher Mr. Nath!!🔽

Little Speech!🔽

Thank you Mr. Nath for everything you have done for Room 10, we all enjoyed having you as our teacher for 2017 and who knows?, you might be our teacher next year (2018) 😉. You’ve teached me a lot of things when I was confused and you're the one that has faith/trust/hope in me throughout this year! I’ve really enjoyed you!! I really hope you will be our teacher for next year so your students from this year can show you who we really are next year!🎋 I had really fun dancing with my class and you have given each and every one of us confidence!! You're the BEST!!!🥀🌷

THANK YOU ROOM 10 CLASS OF 2017! CATCH YA NEXT YEAR!!! Off to a new journey! 😍😍

Monday, 4 December 2017

Working with my Dad!

Working with my Dad/Mum/Brother!
Today, I woke up really early🌞 to go work with my dad, he had a sore leg so he needed extra help from his daughter, me. My dog first woke me up at 5:42 and then I started getting ready to go, I also had a shower👌to clean myself before going work with  my dad. After the great shower, I put on clothes and then hopped in the “Toll” van.

My parents were already ready and so as my brother, so we just headed out with a great smile on our faces😚.  Later on, we reached the depot and my parents and brother started putting in the boxes we need to deliver to people.

After that, me and my dad headed out first to deliver some stuff to people’s houses. We drove for a long time, but after 9 deliveries, I asked my dad if we can get some food to eat for the morning block, he said yes! 🥀

We brought two “E” drinks that are flavoured Lemon and Lime, and Blackcurrant. Some pies, Cream buns and sandwiches, it was really delicious going down my throat. Afterwards, we did more jobs and met up with my mum to help her and also get some food that she brought from the mall, it was Macca’s😱.

After giving us some Macca’s, we headed off to Pak N Save to deliver something there (I was my dad’s runner for today so I helped a lot when it came to houses). We again went to the shops, but got only a can of drink to drink through some drives. We next went to Eurodell to do massive pick up’s for my mum😜.

I then sat in the car while my mum was driving to the depot, It was my turn to go with my mum and yes, my brother went with my dad. I was sleeping on the way to the depot, I got heaps of rest! My mum and dad then finished packing up the boxes that was “Pick up’s”, we rested a little bit in the Toll Van. My dad drove us all home and got to have a good sleep. I loved being work with my dad/mum/brother!!😅

Sunday, 3 December 2017

December Reasons/Facts!

December Reasons!

What is the events on December?

The most important event about December is christmas, it’s one of the most popular events people like. Christmas is always on the same day, 25th of December. It’s special because that is when the Son of God was born, Jesus. So that is why it is so important to people just like us.

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What kind of Season is it on December?
The Season on December is one of our most popular Season ever. It’s SUMMER!, Summer is always on December and ends on March. I'm sure everybody likes summer because it’s hot and you can spend your quality time at the beach eating ice cream or swimming, trust me, it is really fun !
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Who celebrates Summer/Christmas?
Do you wanna know who celebrates Christmas?, Parents, kids, Teens, Grandparents, Aunties, uncles, EVERYBODY!! It’s the best month in the whole year.

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

😚Saturday Fun😚!

😚Saturday Fun😚!

Today on the 2nd of December, My family and I went out shopping for the things we need for Samoa🏝. We first boarded our van to the destination we had to stop at and that was Otahuhu Bakery. There were a lot of good choices of food to pick out of, so I chose the best ! 😂 We got to sit down and eat what we ordered, I ordered a hot dog stick, chicken (Trump Stick) and Baked Potato🍴. After that, we headed off to find 2 - 3 suitcases, we brought 3 that was really big, my mum brought a good choice. We kept moving on and heading off to other shops to find some shoes to wear at the airport, I chose Nike Air and my sister Anita chose it as well👌It was “LIT”. After that, we headed out to the other shops across the street to look at what kind of dress my older sister is picking to wear at Samoa. Later on, we grabbed some more food but from a different bakery full of sweets and creamy tastes✨, It was magical! My mum brought a purple Cake called “Ube Cake”, when me and my sister Anita tasted it, my sister just fell in love with it straight away🥀, It was alright for me though. We next drove off to the warehouse to pick more dresses for my sister, Nayan. She couldn't find one until she saw the most beautiful multi coloured dress that could fit her. On the other hand, my dad and I went shopping for sweets to give my relatives at Samoa, It was a good amount of sweets. We were shopping for a long time but we got everything through ! 🌱. After the big shopping at the warehouse, we finally sat down and drank fresh milk (Caramel white chocolate & Chocolate, It was yummy). We again got some food but this time, it was for my brother which was at home, he was really hungry when we got home🌝. The sun got down and we had a good little rest from that good big day ! Loved it 💯💫

Friday, 1 December 2017

Emperor Penguin Facts #2

Hope you enjoy and learn something from this google slide!
Credits - Biancaa 😊

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Athletics Fun!

Athletics Fun!

Yesterday the 28th of November 2017, some people from Glenbrae School when to Athletics. We firstly sat on the bench where the school hall was to wait for the bus. Miss. Elia talked to us about being polite to other competitors and being a good loser if they are good winners. After her talking to us, we boarded the bus to where our destination was and got off the bus when we reached there. The first thing I saw was heaps of different Schools sitting down on green fresh grass, it was up hills but people can still see everything. When we got up to our spot, we prepared a small shelter over our heads so we don’t get sunburnt. Later on, athletics just began and everyone was pretty super nervous, I was totally nervous but I still remembered it wasn't my turn until 12:00. When it was time for the Year 7’s turn to go around schools, George from our school came first because he was really fit and had pretty long legs. Some Year sevens were very fast but a girl I noticed was a lot faster, the way she ran was by taking big steps while she was running, it was a great strategy. Anyway, other students did other activities from our little group, they did discus, shot put and high jump. Tumanako and Anita was really good at highJump, especially how they jumped. On the other hand I was still waiting for my turn, to entertain myself, I raced some classmates and ate/drank a bit. After a while, It was Year 5’s turn to do the 75lb, Other contestants was really fast but I came 2nd on the 75lb, on the 100m, I came first. Do you know what that means? I can go to the finals ! Discus was another handy activity because I can see students from our school throw down and up but not so far. Some students got injured and rested for a bit, When it was my turn to go the finals, I came third, It was better than coming fourth or fifth though. But that was not it, there was another final that I could not take, I came fourth out of 5 girls from different schools. Teachers were disappointed but I was more disappointed than anyone could be, I messed up but still never gave up. After that race, I ran up to our spot and had a big drink, I kicked some balls around when Lewis, Bianca and Mathew was versing other schools by doing relay. The rules was not to past the line when you are running towards the person you are supposed to give a small spaghetti to them, but I guess a girl did not get the rules probably. When that was finished, we all got together and took a group photo. We will never forget the time we went to Athletics and mostly when we tried our best and gave it all we had even though it was tiring. It was one of the most heart racing days I had ever had, I loved being their!

It was really special to me!