Friday, 23 February 2018

Fun Times with my friend Pt 1

Fun Time with my Friend
In the holidays my friend came over to my house for a sleepover. I was so excited I got everything ready for us to have fun. I got popcorn, ice blocks, lollies, chips with dips all out and ready for our mouths to eat. I also got a movie for us to watch while we eat the food, and also got the beds ready for us to sleep in. She gots her bed and I got my bed.

First of all, she knocked on my door with her bag on her back and came in excited. We both started eating the chips with the dip and turned on the movie I wanted to watch with her. Ngakiri and I finished watching the movie and grabbed some more food. We then told each other scary stories to freak each other out. It was pretty scary but I enjoyed it, a lot.

We then both played blindfolded makeup challenge because it was funny seeing each others makeup at the end (When we are done). We rubbed our makeup off when we saw it on our face and then played heaps more other games such as glow in the dark stick tag and spin the bottle truth or dare. I had to eat a whole bunch of popcorn in my mouth because it was a dare from my friend, Ngakiri.

I told her “Shame on you”, it tastes good anyways. We both laughed and kept playing more games. Afterwards we both got sleepy and decided to go sleep. Before that, we went on our iphones and looked at the pictures we took while the sleepover. It was amazing and fun.  She wants to host it at my house every weekend. I felt so good about myself.

It was Sunday which was the day she had to go. She packed her equipment up. I was driving her home when I said, “Let's get some froyo”. We got froyo and that is when I dropped her off home. She said she had fun and never would forget this day ! I said the same to her. Off she went and Off I went.
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It was such a yummy sleepover ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Thursday, 22 February 2018

✨Fun Family time✨

Fun Family Time
One of my best fun family time was going to the beach and having a picnic. We were always going to the beach because it was hot and we could not handle the hotness. My mum always did  the food packing for us all to eat at the beach. When we get the family picnic ready, My sister Anita and I will go and swim in the fountain and after the fountain, we would always swim in the sea. We play games like tag in the fountain and it is fun chasing each other in the water. We would both be hiding inside of the dragons really small pool.

We swim for a long while and so we get very  hungry. We have to eat full before we hop in the fountain so we don’t have to come back and forwards every time. The food my mum makes are always delicious that I cant stop having more. When we are done swimming we go to the park wet and set on the spinning wheel. We go spin each other until we are dizzy and then off we go back to the fountain. We do the same things back and forth and it is just tiring. But I loved every second of it and I will always treasure our family time.

Thank you and GOOD BYE!

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