Monday, 9 July 2018

Going to Te Oro With Room 10 & Room 7 ~ (Special Trip!)

Trip To Te Oro

Last Week Friday, Room 7 and Room 10 went to Te Oro in Glen Innes, on a bus. When we got there, we thanked the bus driver for driving us there and then lined up in a straight line to go in. Next, we walked in quietly and sat on the chairs. We played little games while we were waiting.

After a while, we were told to take our shoes off and walk into the hall. While we were walking, Whaea Kelly, sang to us slowly and I was comfortably welcomed. We were still standing and she was singing beautifully. After waiting  for Whaea Kelly to sing us in, we did a Inoi Tatou to start off the trip.

Then we were asked to sit down and each one of our leaders introduced themselves. Their names were, Whaea Kelly, Whaea Tania, Matua Maruna and Whaea Jack.

Afterwards, we went into groups of three ready to do something creative. In my group we had to make a matariki star because Matariki is coming up and it’s important for the Maori culture.

Whaea Tania first showed us step by step on how to make it, I was shocked and surprised. However they said “Your first star you make is supposed to be given to someone, anyone you’ll like!”. So I gave it to my sister, Anita, because I appreciate her so much. Then I made two other Matariki Stars and kept it to myself. After making our creations, we then went up to recite what we learnt to make. Firstly, our group made matariki stars with flax, the second group painted on wood and the third group painted on rocks.

I loved all of their creative creations, It was amazing and I really liked it. Soon after that, we shaped into a big circle and held hands while we were singing. They gave us a growing Kauri tree for their appreciation  because we were the last school visiting them for this year.

We drove back to school and I felt so happy. I want to come back once again!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Special Poem About My Family!

The bond we have is strong
All issues are fixed
As well as our wrongs
The love for each other is unique
Yes we fight and argue
But we aren’t at all weak

I know they love me
And I know they care
Our Love is so big
But it's enough to share

Love for my Family
Stems from my heart
They Taught me so much
Right from the start

Without my Family,
I’d be completely lost
Can’t Imagine
The Emotional Cost

I just hope, I may Repay
By Loving them back
With Zero Delay

Sincerely Yours, Anastacia F.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Singing Practise with Glenbrae!

Today After Lunch, Glenbrae School walked to the hall quietly for some singing. At this stage, Room 10 (My Class) was splitted up for the absence of teachers. We firstly sat down and  Started off With a Maori Song called Ka Pioioi. I actually really enjoyed this song, we then sang some other lovely songs. Candice and Newsam was our leading singers because they had amazing, young and beautiful voices. They leaded Ka pioioi a couple of times and we moved on to watching a quick and another Maori Song. I enjoyed our music Lesson Today and hope we can do it again.

Super Duper Book Week!

On  Tuesday, Glenbrae School dressed up as their favourite book characters. We firstly walked to the hall dressed up, and then we sat in our classlines together waiting on Mrs. Elia. We soon settled down and Mrs. Elia said her greetings/introducing. Mrs Elia then asked Glenbrae school to dance around the hall in a line.

When that was over, we all took a look at everyone's lovely pieces of work that they had made. I thought Room 7’s presentation was very fascinating! I really loved it. The whole of Glenbrae then moved into their own class areas. After morning tea, we then went to recite poems starting with the youngest class to the eldest.

I thought each class had an amazing presenter, introducer and thanker. As I was up on the stage presenting, I felt very confident, I was very proud. Then after a while, Room 7 went up. I thought they were spectacular. After the reciting of poems, we had lunch and then a special show.

Again, it was settled in the hall. The dancers/inspiration firstly started off with a solid performance. I was surprised. There show was named Super Duper Book Week. A guy named Blaze did a wonderful performance of being Captain Boxes!! And a girl named Sasha did the most wonderful performance of being the evil scientist. I thought they were great.

After their lovely, energetic performance, we thanked them by singing the duffy song, and Newsam from Room 7 also said a good thanks for taking their time out and coming to our school to perform. We then went home after an hour of watching their performance. I wondered how and why they got interested in acting or even performing. I thought they were the best!

2D Shapes!

Image result for Triangle

Image result for hexagon

Image result for Pentagon Shape

Image result for rectangle

Image result for decagon yellow

Image result for decagon yellow

Image result for pentagram yellow

Image result for dodecagon








3 sides

6 sides

5 Sides

4 Sides

9 Sides

10 Sides

5 Sides

12 Sides
3 Angles

6 Angles

5 Angles

4 Angles

9 Angles

10 Angles

5 Angles

12 Angles

Monday, 25 June 2018

How to Make A Hangi? ~ Anastacia

How to Make a Hangi?

Firstly, you have to make sure you put sweet vegetables in it such as Potatoes, Kumara, carrots, onions and many more others. Next, dig a pit for the hangi to about knee deep and about two metres in diameter.

Fill it up with wood (Slow burning), pile up some volcanic stones on top, or large lumps of steel. Heat these up for a few hours. Keep adding wood if need and necessary. Maybe two or three hours of burning.

Soon after that, remove the embers and unburnt wood when the stones/steels are red hot. Have the vegetables ready to go in wire basket (chicken wire can be suggested), Put the meat under the vegetables in the basket as it will take longer to cook.

Later on, cover the baskets with nice white and clean cotton cloth (Sheets or old tablecloths - but make sure they are clean). Now shovel Earth over the sacks carefully and make sure that no steam can escape. If you see steam escaping, put some more Earth on the spot.

Have some people stand by it to keep it well and truly cooked. Learn that when the Hangi is ready to open, you would need a number of people with shovels to carefully remove the layer of Earth, (Be Careful as you sensitively remove the Earth. You do not want to spoil the food a this stage).

Carry the baskets to a table or any flat surface, and serve it up to the old people first after someone has said grace. Now Eat up and Enjoy!

Image result for Hangi

Sunday, 17 June 2018

My Quick Solving on Decimals!

This is the way I learnt how to solve decimal addition Questions. I hope you learnt a new way, Now, Enjoy learning new things!